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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Ideas for the Hundredth Day

Today is our 100th day of school.  Third graders love celebrations so they were looking forward to today's events. Several of them made projects at home including 3 of my girls who took 100 pictures and used Movie Maker to complete their project. It was great! And the rest of the kids LOVED seeing the pictures of themselves! One of my artistic girls loves horses so she drew a horse using 100.  Here's a picture of her project:

Several of them dressed up like they were 100 and enjoyed being in character. Seeing these energetic people shuffle around was hysterical! 

Between my teaching partner and I we had 16 centers. I created a 100s Chart Challenge for them to do as one of the centers. If they color in the numbers correctly they create a design that looks like the number 100.  I am sharing it below.  I'm also sharing their favorite center which is You Nerd. They have to count how many Nerds in the box (I buy the small boxes which I found 2 for $5 this week) filling out information about the number of Nerds in the box. I am sharing that below as well. If you click on the picture you will end up at my tpt store where you can download the activities for free. 

I would love to hear how you celebrate the 100th day. I'm always interested in new ideas!     


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