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Monday, May 16, 2011

End of the Year

I can hardly believe it's May, I'm not sure where the year went! It doesn't seem like Christmas was that long ago.  But we are winding down - we have only 8 days left. I'm doing some Smart Board training this summer and while I was going through the class material I found an activity I thought would be fun to adapt for the end of the year.  I created a Magic 8 Ball Smart Board activity that asks questions about the year for my kids to answer with a partner. I like Magic 8 Ball activities because it looks like the ball changes and it drives my kids crazy because they can't figure out how.  I may show them the trick. They'll think they're so smart!  Here's a picture of one of the slides.

If you use a Smart Board and would like the file, you can find it at TpT for free.  Enjoy!


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