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Monday, May 16, 2011

Measurement Olympics

I love the end of the year - I always feel a little more freedom in my teaching.  We're done with state assessments, we've covered the standards, and we're ready to review. Our math curriculum is very structured so the kids are always excited to do some hands-on, fun activities. Today we reviewed metric measurement with a Measurement Olympics. The kids had a lot of fun and they measured, measured, measured (way more than a worksheet would allow!). They had several events and had to complete 3 trials for each. It was great to watch them work together as they helped their partner measure.  The events were:
  1. Cotton Ball Shotput - they threw cotton balls shot put style and then measured.
  2. Feather Throwing - no matter how hard you throw a feather it won't go far
  3. Car Race - they flicked cars on the floor (starting line marked with masking tape)
  4. Coin Blow - they blew pennies on the table
  5. Frog Jumping - they jumped plastic frogs (courtesy of U.S. Toy)
  6. High Jump - they put ink on their fingertips and jumped in the door frame as high as they could
I'm always looking for new ideas. Does anyone have a suggestion to add to our Olympics?

Here's the link to the recording sheet if you are interested!


Mrs. Owens said...

We do Math Olympics as well! We have also done Paper Plate Discus and Long Jump (from a standing position).

Go Fourth! With Owens

Adrienne said...

I enjoy your blog! I now follow!

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