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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ending the Year

Today was our last day of school. Yahoo (I'll be able to sleep again) and boo hoo (I'll miss my kids)! We had a really busy day, but the highlight of the day was sitting around our paper campfire reminiscing about the year. Oh, and the s'mores! We made them with Marshmallow Fluff (in the past I've tried it with marshmallows but the fluff works so much better!). Being a former camp counselor I love ending the year with a campfire and what's a campfire without some silly songs? We also took some time to brainstorm words about our year together. I typed the words in Wordle ( and printed a copy for each of the kids. They took the Wordle around and had them signed. It was nice way to wrap up the year. Here's the Wordle we created:

I'd like to know what other people do on the last day of school (beside clean and put things away!). Hope everyone has that finished feeling soon!


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