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Monday, May 16, 2011

Writers' Workshop

I was reminded of the importance of Writers' Workshop over the weekend. I was at a college graduation for a former third grader (how time flies!) and was visiting with another former student. Jordan said her mother brought her a box of treasures to go through as her mom was trying to reclaim her former bedroom. Amongst the treasures she found the books she had published in third grade. She was equally pleased to find an infamous Randy-Man story written by a classmate. She told me how happy she was to find them and and how fun it was to read them again. I almost cried. It really touched me that after all this time and other experiences she treasured the little books she had written in my class. If I needed a reminder of the impact publishing and sharing stories has for early writers I certainly got one. Our little talk has renewed my enthusiasm for Writers' Workshop and I can't wait for next year to (hopefully) inspire a whole new class of young authors!


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