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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Linky Party - Fireworks Glasses

I wanted to join the Linky Party hosted by Fun in First focused on a favorite Back-to-School idea. This idea combines an old favorite with a new idea. 

My nieces came home with special glasses after VBS one day and I've been thinking about how to do something similar at school.  Here's what I've come up with. I'll start by reading Minerva Louis At School by Janet Morgan Stoeke (click the picture for a link to Amazon).
Minerva Louise at School
We'll talk about how the world looks different for each one of us and how you see things depends on your experiences (if you unfamiliar with the book it's a great book about perspective and prior knowledge). Then we'll talk about how being in third grade looks different than second grade and we'll discuss some of the differences.  Then (this is the new part) I'm going to give them "firework glasses" I bought at US Toy that look like this:
Fireworks Glasses
and let them decorate them with stickers. When we finish up I'll remind them that now that they're older and among the "big kids" at school, their world looks a little different and so does the learning, behavior, and responsibility. I'm excited to add the glasses to this lesson - I think they'll have fun decorating them and then they'll have something special and unique to take home the first day of school.


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