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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Linky Party Writing Tips

Gosh, blogging twice in one day!  But I just had to join the Linky Party I found at Teaching Blog Addict to share a Writing Tip. I've been blogging about writing for the last 4 days and have challenged myself to share 10 lessons. But tips about writing is a whole other ball of wax, so here are two writing tips! 

During the conference part of my Writers' Workshop students may meet with student editors. The editors wear visors (and I must say they wear them in some very creative ways! - The baby bonnet is my favorite!) so my kids can quickly scan the room to find an editor. 

My other tip is 
a Publishing Journey. When I first started Writers' Workshop I was overwhelmed with the idea of kids going through the writing process independently. I thought I would spend all my instructional time giving directions to answer "What do I do next?" I read a book (Classroom Strategies That Work: An Elementary Teacher's Guide to Process Writing by Ruth Nathan) that talked about Publishing Journeys. This was the missing link for me - it makes my workshop work. The one I'm sharing below (click on the graphic) is what I use now though it has evolved a lot over time. Hope someone can use it!

Be sure to check out the Linky Party at Teacher Blog Addict for lots of other terrific ideas about writing.

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Happy Writing!


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