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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starting the Year off the Write Way! Day 8

It’s Day 8 of my writing challenge and today’s topics are Conventions and Editing. When I first approach the idea of conventions and editing I give no directions at the beginning of our workshop time, instead I hand out little papers that have a message like this:

i went u two git yr ritng fldrs otu and B rdy 4 ritrs 
wrkship tat wnt B a prlbm wil ti tink u 4 yr copr8shun 
we shld B rdy sion R u hvng trbl rdng mi not i hop nt

At first the kids say they can’t read it, but once they start looking more closely and working together they are able to decode it:

I want you to get your writing folders out and be ready 
for Writers’ Workshop. That won’t be a problem, 
will it? Thank you for your cooperation. We should 
be ready soon. Are you having trouble reading my note? 
I hope not! 

This leads us to a discussion of why conventions are important and I make the point that conventions are a courtesy to your readers.

I then introduce my editing checklist. Notice there is a line at the bottom that can be individualized for each child depending on what we’ve discussed during conferencing time.

My last tip on this topic is CUPS. Cups stand for
       C – Capitals
       U – Understandable
       P – Puncutuation
       S – Spelling
I have my kids write this on assignments outside of workshop so they can quickly edit things they are turning in. 

You might also check out my post on Writing Tips where I describe the visors my student editors wear.

Happy Writing!


Marlene said...

I love your note and cups ideas! And thanks for sharing the checklist. I have really gotten some great ideas from you for writing next year.

I Heart Teaching Elementary

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