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Monday, September 3, 2012

Flip Snack

Have you heard of Flip Snack? It's amazing!!! 

Flip Snack is a website where you upload a PDF and it converts it into a flipping book to view on the web. It's so easy to use! I started by creating a Powerpoint with the pages (slides) I wanted. Then I did a "save as" and converted the Powerpoint into a PDF. Next I went to Flip Snack, browsed to the PDF, clicked open, and a few minutes (if that long) later a book was born. You can then click on edit and change the cover, make it flip automatically, etc. I created one to show at open house and on the first day of school to show some of the things we do in third grade. You can check it out here.

I also created one after the first day of school and sent the link to parents which they LOVED!  Click here to view that one.    

If you are interested in checking out Flip Snack, click here.

Happy flipping!


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