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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Minute Olympics

We have three days to go!  Unbelievable!  Where does the time go? It's not easy to keep engagement high the last few days of schools so this year we are going to end the year with a mini mini-unit on the Olympics. I think the kids will enjoy it and it will allow us to review lots of skills and concepts! One of the activities I have planned is Minute Olympics. The activity is designed for six kids in a group to complete six different one minute activities. When they are done with the activities, they will figure out the range, median, and mode for each activity. Since they are figuring out the median, I want them to have an odd number of data. With six kids in a group, they will take turns acting as the activity leader. The activity leader will hand out materials, give directions, and act as the time keeper. S/he will not participate in that activity so the kids will end up with 5 points of data at each activity. If you would like to download the activity which includes two record sheets for the kids (the second sheet includes mean for older kids) and two different types of activity signs (half page signs to post or signs to fold and set on a table), please click here to go to teacherspayteachers. I posted the activity there for free. If you have other ideas for minute activities, please leave a comment!


maypop said...

Just wanted you to know that I've spent a couple of hours going through all your blog posts. What a great blog! I'm a follower now of your blog and your TpT site. :o)

Sarah McMurrough said...

I'm a fourth grade writing teacher in Texas, and I love your blog! Thank you for all the great writer's workshop ideas. I can't wait to read Here's to You to my new group of kids. I've added you to my "favorite blog" list and nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" Award! Please stop by my blog to pick it up! :)

- Sarah

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